Game Design Workshop
A month ago I went to Malmö to attend Nordic Game Conference. Among all the great lectures I managed to see there was one by Richard Lemarchand, lead game designer on Uncharted. During the lecture he talked about his transition from designing AAA-games to becoming a professor teaching game design at the Interactive Media and Game Division of the School of Cinematic Arts. Can game design be taught? And how does Lemarchand and his colleagues approach the task.

What stuck with me about Lemarchand’s talk was in fact his person. He felt honest, humble and engaged. It was important for his students to get a safe place to verbalize their ideas and the professors’ approach to giving students feedback on projects was not only to focus on talking in terms of ”good” or ”bad” but try to dig deep and tell the students how the games made them feel.
This approach seems to leave both the students AND the teachers vunerable which I imagine can result in personal growth for both parties and a greater trust between them.

Lemarchand recommended this book, Game Design Workshop, by his colleague Tracy Fullerton! It contains tons of exercises which I will try to do and stash here on the blog. It is a bit scary but I do believe that letting yourself show vunerability will help you get better at anything you want to achieve.


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