Captain Mishap is a gravity-defying runner game set in the fantastic worlds strung from a childs' imagination. Use the familiar mechanics of other F2P runner games currently on the market combined with the all-new gravity shift ability of Captain Mishap. Captain Mishap was created in 7 weeks with a team of 7 students, 3 designers and 4 graphics artist. The game was made in Unity, scripted and written in C#.


  • Game Design
  • Character Development
  • UI Design & Implementation
  • Intro Design & Implementation
  • Level Art
  • Documentation

Design Goals

  • Create vertical slice for a fast-paced Free-to-Play game with Microsoft Surface as the primary platform.
  • Set a visual and auditory style that could appeal to a wide audience.

Character Development

To the right is my initial concept for the main characters of the game, Captain Mishap and Mr Meowkins. The Captain is an adventurer who's optimism often gets the duo into trouble and I wanted to capture a playfull energy and positivity in the concept. Mr Meowkins on the other hand is the Captain's polar opposite; a cynical realist. The two contrasting personalities serve to enhance each others characteristics.

Part of the F2P strategy we planned in theory for a full rlease was allowing the players to customize their Captain Mishap with items and attributes that would be able to be obtained through playing the game or purchasing directly. Below you can see a couple of portraits I drew to illustrate character diversity.


Intro Cinematic

For future development we planned to have groups of levels set in different worlds. New worlds would be introduced with a comic book inspired cinematic. The vertical slice is set in space and in the introduction we follow Captain Mishap and Mr Meowkins as they search for loot on an abandoned space station when things start to go awry.
I drew the panels of the introduction and implemented them using the NGUI interface plugin for Unity.


User Interface

Since the full game would take place in numerous settings we decided to go with a clean and universal interface design. I compared many F2P runner games, and casual games in general, to see if there were any particular conventions to be deducted from it.