...  to the portfolio of Alisa Nylund, User Interface Designer and 2D Game Artist. Below you will find game projects, digital illustrations and graphic design contributed to or created by me. If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to email me at alisa@girlbrush.se.





My name is Alisa Nylund and I am a User Interface Designer and 2D Game Artist working out of Stockholm, Sweden. Prior to becoming a Game Design student I worked full-time as an illustrator at Stardoll AB. Throughout my current studies I have grown into an unusual hybrid of graphics artist and scripter, able to both produce the graphical assets needed and implement them into a game engine. Beside being comfortable with Unity, UDK, the Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk Maya, I am quick and eager to learn new software.

Working with games has taught me to approach art in new ways, in some parts different from pure illustration. Games are made up of a large amount of parts and quality is measured by the sum of those parts. As a Game Artist I always strive for the collective identity of all assets rather than the individual assets' ego. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, one of the primary functions of game art is to support usability and playability. For this purpose my traditional illustration knowledge of color, composition and light comes in handy.

As an employee I approach a job with great enthusiasm. I am very comfortable working toward, and adapting to, set styles. Given the opportunity and trust I never shy away from helping to form an art direction. My optimal work place is one where I feel trusted, get responsibilities and the chance to create a great end product together with inspiring colleagues.

During my free time I enjoy creating personal work and consume the creative work of others. I also love to watch 80s action movies, read retro science fiction litterature and taking walks, away from the computer, to clear the mind. During the years my collection of artbooks has gotten bigger and I plan on starting an artbook review site in the future as a hobby project.



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